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You've been in an accident. Many people assume that one of the first steps in dealing with the aftermath of an accident is to call their insurance company to find out what to do next.  Unfortunately, many insurance companies take advantage of their policy holder's trust, and engage in a tatic known as "Steering". Steering was designed to direct customers to a shop in their insurance company's preferred or "Direct Repair Program" (DRP). There is one reason for the insurance companies to do this and it's all about money. They want to make sure your car is fixed the cheapest way possible. In exchange for a high volume of jobs referrals, preferred shops will agree to use aftermarket, imitation or junk yard parts, which are often unsafe and poor quality.  

These kinds of problems with saftey and quality are just some of reasons why steering is illegal. In New York State your insurance company is required to clearly inform you that you're under no obligation to use one of their shops, and that you are free to use the repair facility of your choice.

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Insurance Steering Is

Illegal in New York State.

Car Insurance Steering And How It Effects You